Understanding the Importance of Garage Door Maintenance with R&Y Garage Door Repair

R&Y Garage Door Repair is one of the top recommended companies when it comes to garage door maintenance. Garage doors are constantly exposed to various weather conditions, daily use, vehicle impacts, and other factors that can affect their proper functioning. Therefore, it is crucial to provide them with adequate maintenance to ensure their functionality, safety, and longevity.

Garage doors are always exposed to weather conditions, continuous use during the day, blows and touches with vehicles and other situations that affect their proper functioning. For this reason, all garage doors need adequate maintenance to guarantee their function, safety and durability. We tell you why garage door maintenance is important.

All automatic doors need some care and not all are the same, so it will depend on your system and material. Maintenance must have a periodicity appropriate to the circumstances, since intensive use will shorten the times between revision and revision.

Its control is as important as that maintenance is carried out by a specialized company such as Lasser, with specific personnel used to dealing with and maintaining the problems that these mechanisms can cause. Our experts also have the advantage of knowing hundreds of door types and brands from the main manufacturers, which gives them a plus of experience when it comes to dealing with breakdowns.

Service R&Y Garage door Repair

Our experts in automatic doors guarantee you a quality service, security and full guarantee. In addition to ensuring proper mechanical operation, they will also analyze such a basic section as security, facilitating the necessary improvements for its implementation and offering CE certification, raising the standard of quality, security and energy savings for the door.

Regardless of the type of door, remember that it is important that your door has the necessary security measures to avoid impacts, shearing, dragging, cutting or entrapment, and in the event of an accident, these types of systems are up to date to guarantee safety. of the user.

Recommended intervals for maintenance of automatic doors

Garage and Residential



Less than 5 vehicles

12 months

From 5 – 50 vehicles

6 months

From 50 – 100 vehicles

3 months

More than 100 vehicles

1 month




All except high speed doors

6 months

High-speed doors for many uses

3 months




Less than ten cycles a day

6 months

More than ten cycles a day

3 months

Rolling shutters or doors

12 months

Basic garage door maintenance tips

If you have an automatic door installed, its maintenance must be rigorous and carry out the appropriate maintenance for its correct operation.

Check engine operation

The power of its motors has to be high so that it can lift the weight of your garage door and avoid any type of problem. Its engine must be silent and its mechanism smooth. Keep in mind that if you have a roof with coatings or an insulating layer, you must first remove it to place your motor and avoid overheating.

Avoid moisture to your engine

Make sure there are no points where water or moisture can enter the engine. Changes in temperature and the passage of time damage the joints in motors, control panels and photocells. Make revisions to keep it running smoothly.

Protect cables and mechanisms

Close or hinder access to animals that may be attracted to heat, such as insects, rodents, lizards… especially access to cables or areas that can be gnawed or eaten away.

Grease the door

A technician will be able to contribute the exact amount to provide the advantages of this action without any of its drawbacks. Be careful because an excess is as harmful as a defect, so it is convenient and giving small amounts.

Keep the door and its surroundings clean

Dirt can get into the moving parts and damage them. If this is combined with an excess of grease due to an incorrect application of excess oil, it will solidify and obstruct its proper functioning.

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